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Lose Weight, Fast

If you’re past 30, there’s a good chance that at some point you’ve struggled with diet and exercise:  trying to "Eat Less, Move More" in order to be [...]

Get on the Ground

I first heard of “earthing” several years ago, read Clint Ober’s book by that title, and promptly forgot about it. It made perfect sense to me, and since [...]

Matcha Green Tea Protein Latte

If green tea is your preferred drink, here's a smoothie recipe for you.  The avocado helps give it a creamy texture. Blend together: 12 oz. almond milk (or [...]

Iced Protein Latte

This is pretty straightforward; an iced latte with a protein boost! Blend together: 4 oz. cold processed espresso (or strong cold coffee)* 8-10 oz. almond or coconut milk [...]

Iced Chai Protein Latte

Spices are the original health supplements, making recipes not only more flavorful but also more biologically potent. We frequently add spices like cinnamon, ginger and turmeric to our [...]

Hemp Mocha Protein Smoothie

Hemp protein doesn't dissolve and disappear into your smoothie quite as fully as whey protein does.  But it's a good vegan protein source, and also contains fiber and [...]

OMG Cloud Bread

You may have seen one of the recipes for "Cloud Bread" floating around the internet.  This is very exciting for everyone on the low-carb and/or grain-free bandwagons, because [...]

Books: The Big Fat Surprise

There are many pathways by which you might have emerged from our culture's wanderings in the low-fat desert and been reintroduced to bacon or burgers, butter or other [...]